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def jhbuild::modtypes::gcjmodule::GCCCVSRoot::update (   self,
  revision = None,
  date = None,
  checkoutdir = None 

Override cvs.CVSRoot.update to use gcc_update in place of
"cvs update".

Definition at line 58 of file gcjmodule.py.

        '''Override cvs.CVSRoot.update to use gcc_update in place of
        "cvs update".'''
        dir = self.getcheckoutdir(module, checkoutdir)
        if not os.path.exists(dir):
            return self.checkout(buildscript, 'gcc',
                                 revision, date, checkoutdir)

        # gcc_update will not update the tree properly if a previous
        # checkout attempt was aborted.  Because gcc_update decides
        # what to update based on the directories that are present in
        # the top-level gcc directory, it is difficult to make the
        # update process robust against checkout interruptions.
        cmd = 'contrib/gcc_update --nostdflags -d -P '

        if revision:
            cmd += '-r %s ' % revision
        if date:
            cmd += '-D "%s" ' % date
        if not (revision or date):
            cmd = cmd + '-A '

        return buildscript.execute(cmd, 'cvs')

class GCJModule(base.CVSModule):

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