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def jhbuild::versioncontrol::arch::ArchBranch::_update (   self,
) [private]

Perform a "baz update" (or possibly a checkout)

Definition at line 135 of file arch.py.

00135                                   :
        '''Perform a "baz update" (or possibly a checkout)'''
        # if the archive name hasn't been overridden, ensure that it
        # has been registered.
        archive, version = split_name(self.module)
        if archive == self.repository.archive:

        if date:
            raise BuildStageError('date based checkout not yet supported\n')

        archive, version = split_name(self.module)
        # how do you move a working copy to another branch?
        wc_archive, wc_version = get_version(self.srcdir)
        if (wc_archive, wc_version) != (archive, version):
            cmd = ['baz', 'switch', self.module]
            cmd = ['baz', 'update']

        buildscript.execute(cmd, 'arch', cwd=self.srcdir)

    def checkout(self, buildscript):

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